Sound Therapy

In our current climate with so many of us having such busy schedules there’s never been a better time to experience the benefits of restorative sound healing and sound baths. It is well documented that people can be feeling tired, unbalanced or just having the need a switch off from their daily routines. 


Sound healing is an ancient, therapeutic modality now understood to be rooted in science, quantum physics and sacred geometry. It can bring deeper states of relaxation, relieve stress and anxiety, improve focus and clarity, improve sleep patterns, heal and alter states of consciousness to name but a few.


As everything in the universe is in a constant state of vibration ‘including us as human beings’ every organ and cell in our body has a healthy state of frequency that can often shift out of balance due to our general and at times stressful living conditions. With the use of tones and frequencies we can entrain our brainwaves into the more relaxed theta state, a state known to be the gateway to deeper consciousness, deep healing, heightened creativity and thinking. Sound vibrations can also improve the function of our nervous system. As the body relaxes so to will the muscles and nervous system, regulating deeper breathing, slowing our heart rate and calming the mind. At this point the relaxation and restorative healing processes can begin.



Instruments and what to expect



*Crystal singing bowls

*Tibetan singing bowls


*Tuning forks  

*Bio tuning methods


Bring a blanket to get comfy, a pillow, an eye cover and Water to relax while the deep healing vibrations and meditation leave you energised and refreshed for the days ahead.


Etheric Sound was created by Claire, inspired by the endless possibilities of energy work and how it’s uses can bring peace and balance to peoples lives. Being an advocate of happiness and self-development she infuses positive intention and wellbeing into each and every session. Sound therapy utilises a combination of modern science, healing arts, harmonic frequency and ancient wisdom techniques to bring calm and relaxation. Sessions may also include spiritual practices, meditation and breath work techniques.